Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blogging about everyday life

Is blogging about everyday life really the best way for Mr. or Mrs. Nobody to make it in the blogging industry? Browsing through a couple of hundred blogs this morning, the answer seems to be "Yes! It is!".

Blogs with substance. My oh my, what a rare thing to come across these days. There are tons of blogs written by people with nothing at heart, except what they had for dinner, their new haircut or their poppies sleeping on the couch. Interesting? Well, to most people within the blogosphere it seems to be. These blogs seem to attract crazy amounts of attention, and many of them have hundreds - even thousands - of regular readers.

On the other hand, substantial blogs about interesting topics seem to struggle. There are numerous blogs out there that dig deep in to a scientific or advanced topic, and receive almost no readers at all. I find it hard to understand, as these blogs are of much more value to me than "Ingolfs Blog About Everyday Life and The Fast Food I Consume", but I have to realize that I am not part of the vast majority of the active blogger-community.

Why is that? Why is it, that so many people share this urge to look into other peoples lifes? I've been asking myself that question today, and still haven't found the answer. What I have found though, is a peculiar similarity. The behaviour of the blogger-community is very similar to that of the major broadcasting companies!

If you turn on your TV, you'll find that a large percentage of the shows on display is about nothing, or close to nothing. Reality-shows is all around you, whether it's a cooking show, a show about buying property or whatever you can think of. The broadcasting companies desire to put "normal" people in front of these programs comes from somewhere: Demand.

The public demands these shows. They watch them, yet they demand them. Perhaps it's just part of human nature to be curious about how other people live their lifes, or perhaps we all search for shows that gives us people similar to us. The guy in Survivor? That could be you! Maybe we love the thought of that.

It seems to be a valid fact, whether we're talking TV or Internet, that people attention is drawn towards real people, with real stories, that could just as well be their own.

The question still remains, though, why that is. Do you have an idea?

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