Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Keep Blogging: Make a List

Now, you've created a blog and have started blogging. People are starting to notice you, and your daily visitor count is going up. Not much, but still - it's growing.

When you first started your blog your head was spinning. It was full of ideas of things you'd like to share with the World, and your first 5-10-15 articles came straight from the top of your head without you even having to think. Now it's different. It's maybe been a month (or even less!), and you are completely empty. You can't find that topic to write about, or that new twist to an old story that makes it interesting enough for you to publish it. So what do you do?

You make a list!

Create a list of things that could be worth writing about, within your topic. Stick to the overall topic of your blog to keep focused. Building a niche-blog is far easier than building a blog with a wider perspective. Now, go visit all these websites out there similar to your own, search for news (and comment on the stories while you do so - you can just as well aggregate a bit of linkjuice while you're at it!) and take note of things of interest.

I did myself the favor of installing the Evernote web-app in my browser. That means that whenever I come across something interesting that I might want to write about later I just click the little icon in Chrome next to the address line, and *boom", it's all copied to Evernote. Not just the link, the whole thing.

That's my way of doing it, but you can probably think of other/better ways to handle your notes. Maybe the notepad on your iPhone would suit you the best, or the good, old fashioned bookmark tool in your browser could be just right for you.

The bottomline is, that when your head is empty you need to fill it up. Read, read, read and read the writings of others. If you can't come up with something new, then at least you could write an article about your opinion on a specific topic. Perhaps one of your colleagues in the blogbusiness has written a review of a free, online product- well, then try it and write your own.

The most important thing, now that you've got started, is to keep writing. Write every day. Every single day! The path to growth runs through regular updates and posts - that's a fact.

Link to Evernote:
Link to the Google Chrome Browser:

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