Sunday, December 18, 2011

How Multiple Blogs Can Boost Your Traffic (And Ranking!)

Have you created yourself a blog? Good! Now you need traffic, and whether you like it or not, the best way to drive traffic to your blog is... creating more blogs!

This blog you're reading is build on the free-to-use platform. I found a name that sounded cool, and started blogging. That was easy. The hard part is to make people find it, start commenting and engage in my blog.

Golden piece of advice: 
Build multiple blogs with quality content and link them with your main blog! 
(that's juicy!)

I've now created numerous other blogs based on the platform. You can actually create up to 100 blogs if you like, but I guess I wont need that many. The main idea is to create blogs with names that are more catchy than my current, put in a few articles for Google to index them, and then link back to this blog from them.

You have created to tell people about your amazing hair products. Now, that's not a name a whole lot of people would search for looking for cool har laundry accessories, and thus you may not attract very much traffic from Googles organic searches. What you could do was register as well, put in a few articles praising your product and maybe even give away some pieces of advice, and then link the posts back to your main blog.

What it does
You gain two (major) benefits from this model. First of all you now have another chance of being found on Google. As the algorithm behind Google somewhat takes your domain name into consideration when indexing, a more precise/describing name for your #2 blog could be handy. Think "search terms" when you register your blog. What would you search for if you were to find "Product X for doing Y" on Google? If unsure, ask your friends and learn from their opinions.

Secondly you get "linkjuice". Linkjuices is a common name for the "credit" Google gives you for every link back to your own site. Another blog with good links back to your site gives you good linkjuice, even if you created them yourself! Sounds odd? Well, it is, but that's the way it works these days!

Will it harm me?
Probably not. No, really - it most probably wont harm you. Chance is that the visitors referred to your blog from your number two, three or four blogs are not even aware that they were created by yourself. It's more likely that it'll boost your sites credebility, as people will notice how many beautiful blogs out there that are praising your product (well, kind of).

What's your experience?
I have not had very many experiences with this, but I'm currently building an army of blogs to support my main blogs. I'll post a case study once I'm able to extract some sort of statistics from them and see the results.

New to bloggin'? You may want to read "Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-figure Income". I only just read it, and it was definitely worth every penny!

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