Saturday, December 10, 2011

Upcoming topics

Hi guys,

As announced a moment ago, this is the OE Talkshow weblog. We are eager to get started, and have already had our jingle created via Magnificent place, fantastic people.

I will tell you a little about our upcoming podcasts, which this is all about.

We will start out by discussing whether or not you can build a business on top of a blog. It seems that some people can, but is it lasting businesses, or are they vulnerable to trends, technological evolution etc.?

Also, how much can you actually make from blogging, if you're not the one in a million that breaks 100k+ unique daily visitors in the American market? Is it possible for a swedish guy to set up a blog in his own language and suck enough money out of the 8 million population to make a living?

Last, but not least, we are talking about what makes a blog succesful in our very first podcast on monday morning.

Later next week you will meet us in pictures in our very first video podcast. This time to discuss the cons and pros of building a succesful webshop with a global reach. We are the experts, so please trust us.

Come the end of next week, we are discussing how you can (or can't) make money from buying, improving and passing on existing websites. Is that possible? Yes it is!

See you soon! Keep the faith!

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